Our aim, our goal, our mission,

equals your retreat!

The concept

We are passionate about facilitating retreats that encourage a positive mind shift enhancing your well-being, leading to a time of inner reflection and inspection of the "who" you are. We are proud to be able to offer holiday accommodation outside of our retreats which encourages a reconnection with you surrounded by nature & provides you with a beautiful base for exploring in the heart of rural Portugal.

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The Aim

To provide an experience that will bring a positive change to your mind, body and soul

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The Goal

To offer a comfortable and safe enviroment that allows you to reconnect with the inner you.

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The Mission

To continuously serve an outstanding and excellent service to our guests at all times.

About me

Hi, I am Synthia Campbell
I am the caretaker and overseer of 4 Winds, happily married with 4 adult children.
As a born again, Holy Ghost filled Christian, I am passionate about emphatically assisting all individuals to realise, experience and use their God given talents.
I gave my life to the Lord in my early 30s, but I received my calling into ministry deep into my 40s. A building Surveyor for 28 years, the Lord called me to offer support through the helping process, I successfully re-trained as a pastoral and clinical counsellor.
Having purchased a house in Portugal in 2010, much time was spent remodelling, renovating, and transforming it into what I thought would be an awesome family retreat. It eventually became apparent it was meant to be available for a much larger family!
The Lord showed me that buildings and people share a fundamental importance, Foundations! (Luke 6 v 48). They have a weight to carry, it is detrimental to the building (or the person) that they have the correct width, depth and reinforcement to successfully fulfil their job.
I am committed to facilitating you within a safe, beautiful and relaxing space to examine your foundations & return to the master builder so you are able to do just that!
I cant wait to welcome you.


Enjoy an Unforgettable Experience in Portugal with 4Winds